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Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law

Page content. You are here : Catalogue Display. United Nations juridical yearbook Bookmark Catalogue Record Provides a comprehensive history of the UN from its founding to the present.

There are many additional publications on all aspects of the United Nations system. Most of these materials can be located using the online catalog and periodical indexes.

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If you need assistance locating additional materials about the United Nations, its activities, or its organization, ask a Reference Librarian. The United Nations produces three types of documents: official records , masthead documents which used to be called "mimeographed documents" , and sales publications. The U. Masthead Documents include provisional records of meetings, reports, resolutions, and other working documents of the United Nations organs.

They are the most comprehensive source of information on the activities of the United Nations. Some masthead documents are later published in final form in the Official Records or as sales publications; many, however, are found only as masthead documents. Sales Publications include the yearbooks, studies, and reports produced by the United Nations. These cover a wide range of subject areas and can be located using the online catalog.

In contrast to Sales Publications, most official United Nations documents are not included in the online catalog. United Nations documents are identified by alphanumeric document symbols indicating the source and type of document. Publications in the masthead documents and microfiche collections are arranged according to these symbols. There is a brief explanation of the meaning of these symbols in Appendix I ; more detailed illustrations are provided by U. Many documents are available on the U. Resolutions are the expression of formal decisions of organs of the United Nations reflecting official positions on questions before those bodies.

Resolutions may be passed by any of the main organs of the United Nations; however, most resolutions come out of the General Assembly or Security Council. General Assembly resolutions are numbered consecutively in order of adoption and are identified by number and session. They are published as a part of the General Assembly Official Records and usually appear as supplements to the meeting records. They can be found in the U.

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Resolutions are identified with a document symbol e. Prior to , resolutions were numbered consecutively using Arabic numbers for the resolution followed by Roman numerals in parentheses for the session. Resolutions of the major organs of the United Nations first appear as masthead documents and later in the Official Records of the relevant organ. The general indexes to United Nations documents cover resolutions in addition to other types of documents. There are also specialized indexes to resolutions of the General Assembly and Security Council, both of which are available at Perkins Library in the Public Documents Reference area.

Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law

The texts of many resolutions, often in PDF format, are also available on the U. The Official Document System database also includes resolutions from from the "Advanced" search page choose "Resolutions " from the drop-down menu; for resolutions from select "UN Documents" ; this database includes resolutions such as those of the Trusteeship Council which are not online elsewhere.

Selected resolutions are published in full text in the U. Chronicle or the Yearbook of the United Nations , together with a discussion of the subject to which the resolution relates. Department of State Dispatch Doc. Both of these sources are available on LexisNexis and Westlaw. The New York Times and wire services often have the full text of important resolutions. There are also compilations of United Nations resolutions, including a comprehensive, although not updated, source for General Assembly resolutions and one for Security Council resolutions:.


Voting at the United Nations is typically by show of hands, and is indicated in the record of the meeting as total numbers for, against, and abstaining. A member state may request a roll call vote. If the vote was by show of hands and there is no record of how each country voted, sometimes a study of the discussion before the vote will indicate the position taken by the delegates. Votes in the U.

General Assembly JZ M37 provides a detailed analysis of the voting process.

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The ICJ website includes docket information, press releases, general information about the court, and texts of opinions. I58 ; Microfiche.

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This series contains the official reports of the decisions of the court in English and French. This series contains documents such as written pleadings and their annexes, transcripts of oral proceedings, and correspondence. Depending on the amount of documentation to be printed, one or more volumes are issued for each case. Volumes in this series are published after a case has been decided. Pleadings written and oral are available on the ICJ website , linked to the cases.

Unpublished pleadings written and oral are available on the ICJ website in an uncorrected version. Bibliography of the International Court of Justice Ref. This annual publication lists materials concerning the ICJ received by the Registry of the court during the year. C37 This multi-volume set contains digests of the decisions of the court and its predecessor, the Permanent Court of International Justice. The digest covers cases through , and the entries are arranged by subject. D3 The International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics is a flagship publication of UNIDO that provides economists, planners, policymakers and business people with worldwide statistics on current level, structure and trends in the manufacturing sector.

The Yearbook is designed to facilitate international comparisons relating to manufacturing activity and industrial development and performance. It provides data that can be used to analyse patterns of growth and related long-term trends, structural change and industrial performance in individual industries. Show abstract. For Member States.