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I have a bunch of vocal styles with different intensities. Yeah, it has a different kind of swagger.

The next two songs on the album are under two minutes long and they strike me as super traditional hardcore or thrash songs. Were you referencing any specific bands on this track? The first time I heard the basic verse riff, it reminded me of [veteran hardcore group] Dag Nasty , just amplified and grittier. It had a sense of melody but it had a discordant quality.

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It gets super ferocious. This is a more mature song with an almost country vibe. Come back. You know how I know the album is sequenced appropriately? It leaves me wanting more after 13 songs. And when you do a minute record that does not leave you sonically exhausted, you did something right. Skip to content Search query All Results. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Open share drawer.

Photograph: Getty Images. The keyboard guy made it look like he was going home just after the band struck up An Uncertain Smile. When you expected the first keyboard refrain, you got guitar instead. Matt Johnson was in great voice. Dusk had turned to dark. The band played on to an enraptured audience. Then the keyboard player returned to his post, an extra from a Kaurismaki film in his slicked hair and shades. He wiped his fingerprints and sweat from the machine: he was done. This was An Uncertain Smile with some showbiz tease.

But now here it comes: the famous keyboard break, the Jools Holland piano run: a defining shard of the s. The dexterous black-and-white notes kick in and it all comes together.

Story:Warhammer 60K: The Age of Dusk - 1d4chan

Matt Johnson took to the stage at 9. A vast sun-fried crowd had assembled in The Iveagh Gardens, its demographic a descriptor for the vintage of the act. The band gave powerful backing to Johnson as sung his complex, well-worked, familiar lyrics into a gothic trident mic-stand.

He achieved his signature Tannoy announcement texture with a mere turn of his head towards one of the s-style radio microphone casings. For anyone who has seen The Inertia Variations, a feature-length documentary film about him, Johnson visited Dublin with an extra context. Johnson is illuminated as a ruminant man who seems trapped in thinking too much about songwriting instead of doing it.

By the end, we learn his graphic artist brother has died. He engaged with the crowd and was more than personable. The band were tight and excellent. But somehow the net effect was lacklustre: for all the proficiency and professionalism, some atmosphere was lacking. It felt cold: for large chunks, the show was underwhelming.

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

A capacity crowd fuelled by sun, big screen football and spilt beer was often surprisingly inattentive. Maybe some were too many hours in the sun. Maybe the atmosphere never quite clicked.

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The laid back nature of the beat matched with both Kweli and Hi-Tek featuring on vocals is killer. Love it. The interaction between human and robot featured in this track can actually be found somewhere in the realms of the internet. Here the conversation is brilliantly juxtaposed and the futuristic scene created is fully sick. Released on Darkestral this track is probably my favourite from the seminal label. I love this track, one of my favourites from the autonomic era. Absolute perfection, it just blows me away.

Review: Matt Johnson probed the ailments of the modern world but the concert failed to fully ignite

The alias is a co lab between Boddika and the label owner Rico I believe. Incredible ambience in this piece. The pads slay me down. I love playing this track as part of my sets, it really takes me away. As soon as it starts the listener is transported to a different place. This track was also instrumental in tuning my ears into ambient music in general. This one features that classic Dbridge tonality.

The ethereal arpeggios convey an almost futuristic dystopian setting. The timbre of the synth, subtle arrangement and high flying pads make this one. This track serves as a great introduction to the sound of Footwork. Twisted soul samples, with jagged intensity of drum programming and heavy s. I first heard this track as an instrumental by an artist called Sasac. I think it had a limited vinyl release which I missed but was recorded with a vocal and released at a later date. I prefer the instrumental to be honest but its still an amazing tune. Super smooth. Fourteen minutes of absolute bliss, close your eyes and let yourself go.

I only heard this one a few weeks ago for the first time. Love the way it builds and evolves over the duration of the track. Have yourself a moment.