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Moe-Lobeda, Larry L. Rasmussen, and Jacqueline E. Lapsley will respond.

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Bruce C. His research interests include Old Testament theology, prophets of the Hebrew Bible, Old Testament ethics, and postcolonial studies. Cynthia D. Her scholarship focuses on climate justice, systemic injustice, and the ethical implications of reincarnation and resurrection. Larry L. He has written on the Bible and ethics, as well as ecology and ethics. Jacqueline E.

  • The Pious Sex: Essays on Women and Religion in the History of Political Thought.
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  • Religion, Metaphysics, and the Postmodern: William Desmond and John D. Caputo (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion).
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  • Her work centers on literary theory, theological anthropology, gender theory, theology in the Old Testament, and ethics, particularly creation ethics. Kirsi Cobb has reviewed this book. William P. His areas of study are creation theology, faith and science, the Psalms, and wisdom literature. Peter J. Paris is Elmer G. His research interests include ethical formation, preaching and social justice, globalization, public theology, and the interaction of race, gender, and religion.

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    Emily Suzanne Clark has reviewed this book. His scholarship focuses on Old Testament social ethics, the social sciences, and literary theory. Lisa Sowle Cahill is J. She specializes in New Testament and ethics, Christology and ethics, ethics of sex and gender, social ethics, and ethics of war and peacemaking.

    AAR 2018 Conference Book Panels on New Books, 2015-2018

    Heather D. Curtis and Melani McAlister will respond. Reviewer Gale L. Kenny notes that this book raises questions about contemporary humanitarianism in addition to providing historical analysis. A review is forthcoming from Brian J.

    The Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Political Thought

    Her specializations are evangelical Christianity, the US in a global context, transnational US history, US media and cultural history, and religion and politics. His research focuses on research philanthropy and the history of capitalism. Her specializations include modern American evangelicalism, as well as American history and religion in a global context.

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    She is also co-authoring a book on contemporary American nones. His work engages Christian humanitarian organizations and the interdisciplinary analysis of philanthropy. Her scholarship engages religion and media, religion and economics, and black institutions. A review is forthcoming from Madison Tarleton. Jackson, Jr. Elonda Clay has reviewed this book. Jason A. Springs will respond. Daniel J. Ott has reviewed this book. His research interests include restorative justice, structural and cultural violence, Islamophobia in Europe and North America, American Pragmatist thought, and postliberal theology.

    Her areas of specialization include comparative religious ethics, ethics of war, Christian and Islamic ethics, and feminist moral philosophy. He specializes in the interaction between Jews in the modern West and modern Western philosophy. In this book, Winters brings attention to the benefits of paying attention to melancholy and loss when evaluating a history of racial violence and oppression.

    Kathleen Fisher will respond. A review is forthcoming from Susan E. Her work focuses on pedagogy and ethics, particularly in higher education. Her academic interests are comparative religions, ritual study, and moral injury. A review is forthcoming from Sarah Burton. His areas of study include theory and method in the study of religion, African American history, the New Testament in Western imagination, American cultural politics, and pedagogy in religious studies. Jessica Johnson will respond. This book has been reviewed by Rebecca Barrett-Fox.

    Exploring the contours of African sexualities: Religion, law and power

    Her work focuses on ethnography, sociocultural anthropology, feminism and feminist theory, queer studies, sexuality, affect theory, violence and trauma, and popular culture. Her specializations are religion in the Americas, Hinduism, ethnic and race studies, and decolonization in religious studies. His research engages religious history, literature, technology, and aesthetics. This book has been reviewed by Sonia Hazard. His research interests include science and religion, embodiment, affect and emotion, religion and power, and secularism studies.

    This book has been reviewed by Pooya Tamimi Arab. Her scholarship centers on the anthropology of religion, women and gender studies, and feminist theory. This book has been reviewed by Sharon P. A review is forthcoming from Lea Taragin-Zeller. Her work specializes in religion and the body, including issues of gender, race, and ability.

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    Her scholarship focuses on religion, morality, and the body in American Christianities. Her work centers on Continental philosophy of religion and modern Jewish thought. His areas of focus are anthropology, the social and cultural politics of belief, and ethnographic research in the Caribbean. This book has been reviewed by Mary Puckett. Her specializations include North American religious history, American Catholicism, and religious embodiment. Panelists Kathleen J. Jennifer Graber and Pamela Klassen will respond.

    Her scholarship focuses on American religions, religion in the American West, Native American religions, religion and violence. She specializes in the anthropology of religion, religion and the secular, ritual and ritual theory, and religious diversity in North America. In this book, the three authors interact and complicate the separation of church and state in the Americas. This book has been reviewed by Finbarr Curtis. Kathleen J. Her work focuses on indigenous studies, Native American religious traditions, and education. His areas of expertise are African American religions, humanity in the age of intelligent machines, and artificial intelligence. This book provides a historical analysis of the interaction between the FBI and religion.

    This book has been reviewed by Michael Yandell. Tiffany Hale is a doctoral candidate at Yale University.