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They look and smell like an ego driven monster. As host I read from journals of personal experience. Teaching other creative minds how to push their abilities without injuring their capabilities. Laid out like a heart on a sleeve are the steps and stumbles.

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The goal is to recover with a winning spirit and attitude. Through transparency listener connections are made. Knowing where the thoughts are going keeps the episodes focused.

Pod-Crashing Episode 24 Ego

Becoming aware of how the written words are delivered requires a truthful ear. Listen to your podcast in the car on a busy road.

Sit in a crowded Panera Bread with ear buds blasting. Put yourself in the same place your listeners are and see if the ego is getting in the way of building a bigger community. Without your personal journey, I might as well be listening to a bump on a log. Inflection needs your history.

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Its texture controlled by the edges of your imagination attached to an ego. Turn your podcast into a drinking game. Teams require the strength of being an individual before becoming stronger as a community of creative minds. I totally grasp what the person was sharing. I need some time to digest this. Someone that knows the world of podcasting because they live it. You need an instant pick me up. Right there in plain sight your ego sees how fast the numbers are growing in the UK and Japan. The ego tends to get in the way of hearing about other methods of reaching a different more dependable audience.

Shuffling everything including my interviewing technique. Ask the questions in ways that can get the conversation on several podcasts rather than a well-defined niche that happens to like Rock stars that eat bacon on Fridays. The attitude of in it to win it. Convincing your ego that landing ten listens today is still a victory.

Oh wait!

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You just made 13 cents on Anchor. Greatest show on the planet. Podcasting is no different than a Renaissance Festival. Go into every project expecting to be bruised. Be open to talk with other podcasters. Facebook has specialized groups always willing to share new tricks on how to build your following without losing your foundation.

Be humble while being encouraging and that requires bits and pieces of a developed ego. If that monster gets out of hand step back a few feet and count to ten.

An injured ego has been trained to silence the artist. The Official Watchmen Podcast.

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