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There is nothing like having had hands-on experience to be able to tell a better story. I originally self-published; that edition came out in February of Then I sold it in , doubled the word count and it was released by Career Press a full two years later, in February of Now, promoting that book as well as promoting my speaking career, writing articles, blogs, and press releases keeps me incredibly busy — plus I launched a speakers bureau last year.

I have begun work on two new books — both non-fiction. Don and Melinda Boyer are the publishers of the series and they are remarkable, positive people.

That book will be out in November. I wrote about how to order wine when out with clients. Many times, people who are unfamiliar with fine wines become intimidated and hand the wine list over to their clients. I share a way to involve your clients and yet retain control of the check. As I mentioned earlier, I was an expert at building solid, long-lasting business relationships.

That and not answering the phone. Seriously, it gets easier when you have a task to complete. Most everyone I know who writes really works well under pressure. The rest of the time, we just need to focus on the desired outcome. I feel a strong sense of purpose and I love to write. When I can stop working long enough to write something, the time just flies. You ought to be able to ma ke a living doing what you love. While I originally dreamed of hitting it big financially with writing, and still do! In fact, all speakers should have books.

Most of them begin speaking first and then create a book or other product to sell in the back of the room. Personally, I wrote the book, expecting that it would be a huge success. My book has won an award and my publisher has sold the foreign publishing rights in TEN languages so far! And there is still more interest in it. My topic is a tremendous hit for training and sales conferences. Website Price calculator

I think the principles, techniques and knowledge in my book is quite timeless. I bought ads in the beginning. Of course I was an advertising account executive in my past life, so I believe in advertising. Speaking generates book sales, as do appearances. I have sold several hundred books at a time to incoming conventions; I am the draw for their booth, signing books for the exhibitors and attendees. Internet marketing is the most important way to get the message out now.

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Blogs, articles and press releases are strong. Writing columns may not be the most unique, but every time you can put your name in print it will help. My dog, an adorable shihtzu, writes a column in Lucky Dog magazine.

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I get a byline in a magazine with a circulation of more than 15, readers. I have a photo and a bio at the bottom of those articles. Everyone knows Georgie, my dog, and asks about her. I also wrote a lot of columns for Hospitality Executive magazine, which goes out to meeting planners and hotel execs everywhere.

All of this exposure lends credibility and helps me to promote myself and my books.

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My website offers my books, audio books, and my services as a speaker. I hope I will always write. I have a lot to say about a lot of things. I love teaching, helping and guiding. I also consult as a life coach and I help other authors — whether they want help with their writing or if they are launching a speaking career. I teach PowerPoint and presentation skills. And, because I have self-published and worked with a publisher, I am uniquely qualified to help authors decide whether they should self-publish or sell.

I have personally experienced the ups and downs of both sides of that equation. My experience has been invaluable. I am a professional speaker and consultant as well as a writer. I absolutely love writing and speaking; I know without a doubt that this is what I was meant to do. I am also a gourmet cook. I love to play golf and work in my garden…but both of those hobbies have had to take a back seat to my career the past few years. I still indulge my desire to cook, usually by hosting dinner parties with great friends or just cooking when company stops by.

This interview was done in conjunction with Nikki Leigh, author of Book Promo — www. I always seemed to have a story running through my head.

In middle school I wrote a horoscope column that was very popular with both my peers and teachers! In both high school and college I wrote for the school newspaper. Later as an educator, I ran my own writers workshop for my first grade classroom. My students published their own books. My husband even made a computer program where parents followed their child reading their books. I videotaped my students reading and my husband scanned their books. This was a big hit with parents.

Even as a teacher, I would find extra moments to write. During my lunch breaks I would sneak over to the local Burger King. I wrote some of Earrings there. Not finding enough multicultural heroes in fantasy novels. The idea came to me to develop a world with Mexican mythology while I was teaching second language learners. I wanted to create a world that had some of the richness of my Mexican culture.

Also I love Spanish dichos—similar to our own proverbs. I wove these throughout my story. Getting up early each morning and just writing.

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It helps to have my own writing space. I have a large whiteboard where I sketch out my story paradigm. I divide my story into three acts. I also have character sketches in my room. My book is available through Amazon. I have a live journal blog. My current virtual book tour. I thought why should I wait to have my book published through a traditional publisher in order to have a book tour?

Having my book on a virtual tour opens up a lot of possibilities that are limited by just the book store signings. Not yet. I plan on writing a sequel to Earrings. Right now I have a rough outline for books two and three. I live in the UK and have been enthralled by history for as long as I can remember. I felt a compulsion to write at fifteen and completed my first novel-length story at sixteen.

The first was quickly followed by two more and I took my inspiration from the Brontes, Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. Animals are my other ruling passion and until recently, I was the treasurer for an organisation that raised funds for animal charities. Over the years, we have owned everthing from hamsters to horses and we currently share our home with a lovely Labrador named Lucy. I have a beautiful grandson named Daniel who spends a lot of time with me whilst his parents are working and we have a great time.

I read all the usual classic romances and suddenly found myself writing my own. I loved to create my own characters and situations and it was something I had done in my thoughts for years — I just started committing it to paper. It started to escelate when a work collegue began reading my work and encouraged the other girls in the office to do likewise and soon I found myself with a small readership.

Including the first three, which are now long gone, I have a total of nine completed with one still a work in progress. It has to be historical and set in the Georgian or Regency eras I know and love.

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The Peninsular War inspires me and several of my characters are in some way connected to it. Definitely for the love of it. I write for myself and publication is just a huge bonus.