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Joey Jesus came to set us free and wants us to live an abundant life if you are struggling with sin and feel tempted to sin just tell God you are weak our biggest stumbling block mine included was my pride i didnt want to admit i couldnt do it in my own strength and yet that is where the victory is knowing that we cant and knowing that in him we can.

When we know that we then become overcomers in Christ thats who we are. We dont have to fight the sin we just accept that Christ has overcome our sins on our behalf thats how i dealt with my sin and when i am tempted i say Lord you know i am weak but i am trusting in your strength to help through your holy spirit and he does.

This is one of my favoriote verses may you be set free in Jesus name. Sin shall not have dominion over you brentnz. My wife is about to end our marriage. This causes me great pain. I understand that grace will cover the sin of divorce, and I get that it will cover the sin of adultery when she meets and marries someone else and has the perfect happiness that SHE wants.

I struggle with the fact that there will be no consequence. I can only follow God and his word for my life. The point I am trying to make is that if she wants to wilfully sin, she is going to be in eternal bliss with Christ and if I endeavour to follow Christ and his example, I am going to the same place.

It really does not matter!

Talking about blessings being removed, for the limited period of time that we have on this earth, is really then a small price to pay, for then an eternity of blessing through salvation. There are consequences for sin.

Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought

Great and serious consequences. It sounds like you are experiencing some of these, for which I am sorry.

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The pain is terrible. But regardless, God knows that we are broken people, and he will not take away our eternal life or kick us out of His family because of our sin. None of us would do this to our children either. Instead, we grieve with them through their pain and suffering, remind them that they are loved, and urge them to learn from this painful experience so that it can be avoided in the future. Ade i feel for your situation may our Lord strengthen you with his grace and may you rest in his loving embrace through this trial that you are going through.

Your partner has chosen her own path that is not the Lords way thats the fleshs way all we can do is put all our trust in him even when it makes no sense. She will suffer for her choices we all do even though God forgives us and that we are saved.

You cant sin and not get burnt. There are apparently two main answers to that question. Yes and no.

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Everyone should decide for themselves how to answer it after a very thorough reading of scripture. I would suggest reading the Bible through at least twice and the NT a couple of additional times before attempting to answer that burning question. It should also motivate us to choose wisely and carefully.

It follows that if we are living in it with abandon, we are no longer dead to it. We are very much alive to it and maybe even enjoying it. When we left sin through faith in Christ we became his slaves and inherited eternal life. If we abandon our saving faith in Christ, we return to being slaves to unrighteousness and produce the fruit which leads to death.

Jesus told a chilling parable about a man who gave his servants different amounts of talents. What happened to him? He not only lost his reward, but he lost his salvation as well. You would really have to stretch to interpret Mt. In fact, read it in the context of the whole chapter. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Who would take that risk? All those fake licenses to sin will be revoked.

But hey, like they say, you CAN just go sin all you want. Matthew has nothing to do with church age doctrine. The context of Matthew 24 and 25 is the tribulation period which will take place after the church is taken up in the rapture. The context is those faithful to God during the tribulation. It has nothing to do with a person being saved, baptized into the body of Christ, indwelt and sealed with the Holy Spirit unto the day of redemption.

Being dead to sin is not something you accomplish. When a person is saved they are baptized into the body of Christ. Being dead to sin is the state of all believers the very moment they get saved. Our reckoning does make us dead to sin.

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We reckon because we are already dead to sin. Paul is telling us our identity is that we are Christ and one of the benefits of being in Christ is that we are dead to sin! Can a believer fall into sin. It specifically tells us we are baptized into the body of Christ, but it never mentions leaving the body of Christ. It specifically tells us we are indwelt and sealed by the Holy Spirit, but it never mentions anything about an unsealing. Part of studying and rightly dividing the word of truth includes reading passages of scripture in their context.

Nowhere in the NT does it say that we no longer have to pay attention to what Jesus had to say because he died.


That just gives you a license to error. Jesus constantly calls and warns his servants to be faithful and to be watching for when he comes. In Mt 25, the virgins are the bride of Christ. Half of them did not get admitted into the kingdom. There is not enough evidence in the entire Bible to convince me of that. You can believe what you want and you will be held accountable for it.

If anything, the warnings would have less applicability to the tribulation age when Christians are being killed right and left for their faith. The lackadaisical lazy ones will prefer to take the mark of the beast. Why do you think Paul admonished us, 12 Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, to make you obey its passions. If Christians were automatically and forever dead to sin, there would be no need for that warning.

You are a slave of the one you obey v. We have been set free from sin and our responsibility as Christians is to work together with Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit to stay that way, slaves of God. If you are not being sanctified, you are not being saved. Yes, Jesus knew the nation of Israel would reject Him. There are many spiritual truths and principles in the Gospels and they are of great benefit to us, but doctrinal truths for the church were given by Jesus to us through the Apostle Paul.

Truths that you continually ignore. Matthew 25 is not for the church.