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Know your world: Create a specific world unique unto you. Is it a dystopian, where lonely people roam the ravaged planet running from zombies?

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Is one town under quarantine and folks are stuck behind a giant wall? Or is it just another high school when zombies decide to attack? Know your rules: What can your zombies do?

Panty Raid at Zombie High

Can they talk? Eat human food?

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  6. Drink a soda? In the world of YA, all of these questions need to be answered because your main characters, living or dead, will likely spend a lot of time doing all of the above.

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    My zombies talk, drive, text, etc. There are limits, rules, that I have to constantly remind myself to abide by. Know your story: Forget zombies, forget brains, forget grave stones and cemeteries. Cheat Death.

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