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Sex Education Camps Are Now a Thing in China

The participants noted how many times they had sex between the end of their work shift and the next morning. Then, in the afternoon, they answered questions about how happy and engaged they felt at their jobs. Here are 10 other easy ways to boost your productivity at work. Having sex keeps your member going strong, according to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine.

Avoid the ‘chasing dynamic’

Low oxygen levels can cause scar tissue to develop, which can make it hard to get hard. Making healthy lifestyle choices and following these strategies for stronger erections can help.

Christopher Winter, M. The combination of those three hormones conks you out in no time.


Here are five more ways to sleep better every night. Sex gets your body moving. In fact, men burn calories during the average sex session , which lasts about 25 minutes, according to research from the University of Montreal.

Even better: The longer you do it, the more calories you burn. After following more than 1, men for an average for 16 years, researchers found that men who had sex two to three times per week had a significantly lower rate of cardiovascular disease than men who only had sex a few times a month or less, according to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology. There are a couple theories as to why that could be, the researchers say. For one, sex contributes to the physical activity needed to protect your heart. A supportive partner makes for a happier heart—physically and emotionally—by easing your stress levels.

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Looks like staying in bed might help you fight off a cold after all. College students who had sex one or more times per week had higher levels of salivary immunoglobulin A IgA than those who had had less sex, according to a study published in Psychological Reports.

Your body uses this blood protein as its first line of defense to fight off sickness, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. While the taboo about sex on the first date is fading, some experts still warn against it for various reasons.

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For celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti , it comes down to biology, which puts women at an emotional disadvantage after sex. When women have sex, their bodies are flooded with oxytocin, which makes them want to trust and bond with their partner. This can make a potential ghosting much more painful.

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Another thing to consider is how leading with sexual chemistry can cloud your judgment. And never, ever feel like you owe someone sex.

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If you choose to hook up day one, it needs to because that is what you want, not because of outside pressure or a sense of obligation. Whether you sleep with someone within 15 minutes of meeting them or wait forever, there is no way to guarantee that any date will evolve into a long-term relationship, so at the end of the day just do whatever the hell you want — so long as you do it safely i. A young couple in Dalian Xinghai Square. Image by Gauthier Delecroix via Flickr. Summer camps conjure thoughts of soccer games, arts and crafts, and music around a campfire.

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A new trend in China, however, trades these activities for something more serious: sex education. Now, there are licensed practitioners and this year, more parents are signing their kids up to counter the lack of holistic sex-ed in schools. Sexologist and educator Fang Gang, for example, has camps planned for 20 provinces and districts across China this year, according to Sixth Tone.

His main philosophy is that sex-ed should be carried out before the final years of high school--the earlier kids learn about sex, the better.