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A recent triple-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial looked at cinnamon supplementation in people with type 2 diabetes over three months.

In the study, participants were divided into groups and either given 2 capsules per day of milligrams of cinnamon powder each or a placebo. After three months, the statistically significant findings included improvements in body mass index BMI , visceral fat, body fat, along with improvements in fasting plasma glucose, A1c, insulin production, insulin resistance, and lipids, as compared to the placebo group. The greatest effects were noticed in those with a BMI over 27 technically considered overweight.

Although aloe vera gel is better known as a home remedy for minor burns and other skin conditions, a recent review suggests that aloe vera gel may help people with diabetes, thanks to a number of active phytosterol compounds from the plant that have been found to reduce blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels by enhancing glucose storage and utilization. Studies suggest that the herb Gymnema Gymnema sylvestre can lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

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Amazingly, Gymnema can actually make sweet foods taste less sweet, so you end up wanting to eat less of them. The herb is well-known for its ability to reduce fat accumulation and help with weight loss, thanks to its enzyme-inhibiting properties. Additionally, one such study found that thanks to Gymnema's potent antioxidant activity, it may help prevent organ damage often seen in diabetes, as the disease is marked by increased production of reactive oxygen species ROS , caused by long-term elevation of blood sugar. Because Gymnema may significantly lower blood sugar levels, people taking medications for diabetes or using insulin shouldn't take Gymnema simultaneously unless they are closely monitored by a healthcare provider.

If you are interested in trying a natural treatment in addition to your standard diabetes treatment, be sure do so only under the close supervision of your physician. If diabetes is not properly controlled, the consequences can be life-threatening. Also, inform your physician about any herbs, supplements, or natural treatments you are using, as some may interact with the medications you are taking and could result in hypoglycemia unless properly coordinated.

We know healthy eating is key to help manage diabetes, but that doesn't make it easy. Our free nutrition guide is here to help. Sign up and receive your free copy!

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Barbagallo M, Dominguez LJ. Magnesium and Type 2 Diabetes. World J Diabetes. Nutr Rev. Journal of Medicinal Plants. The Journal of Nutrition. Bitter Gourd has excellent medicinal virtues. It is antidotal, antipyretic tonic, appetizing, stomachic, antibilious and laxative. The bitter Gourd is also used in native medicines of Asia and Africa. The Bitter gourd is specifically used as a folk medicine for diabetes. It contains compounds like bitter glycosides, saponins, alkaloids, reducing sugars, phenolics, oils, free acids, polypeptides, sterols, amino acids including methionine and a crystalline product named p-insulin.

It is reported to have hypoglycemic activity in addition to being antihaemorrhoidal, astringent, stomachic, emmenagogue, hepatic stimulant, anthelmintic and blood purifier. Dia-Care manufactured by Admark Herbals Ltd. Persons taking insulin will eventually be liberated from the dependence on it. The whole treatment completes in 6 phases, each phase being of 90 days. Only the water and not the sediment must be taken in the morning on empty stomach. To the remaining medicine fresh water is added and kept for the whole day and is consumed half an hour before dinner.

The taste of the drug is very bitter. It is a pure herbal formula without any side effects. Gurmar powder manufactured by Garry and Sun is an anti-diabetic drug, which suppresses the intestinal absorption of sacharides, which prevents blood sugar fluctuations. It also correlates the metabolic activities of liver, kidney and muscles. Gurmar stimulates insulin secretion and has blood sugar reducing properties. It blocks sweet taste receptors when applied to tongue in diabetes to remove glycosuria.

It deadens taste of sweets and bitter things like quinine effects lasts for 1 to 2 hours. Besides having these properties, it is a cardiac stimulant and diuretic and corrects metabolic activities of liver, kidney and muscles. DIABETA, a formulation of Ayurvedic Cure, available in the capsule form is an anti-diabetic with combination of proven anti-diabetic fortified with potent immunomodulators, antihyperlipidemics, anti-stress and hepatoprotective of plant origin.

The formulation of Diabeta is based on ancient ayurvedic references, further corroborated through modern research and clinical trials. Diabeta acts on different sites in differing ways to effectively control factors and pathways leading to diabetes mellitus. It attacks the various factors, which precipitate the diabetic condition, and corrects the degenerative complications, which result because of diabetes.

Diabeta is safe and effective in managing Diabetes Mellitus as a single agent supplement to synthetic anti-diabetic drugs. Diabeta helps overcome resistance to oral hypoglycemic drugs when used as adjuvant to cases of uncontrolled diabetes. Diabeta confers a sense of well -being in patients and promotes symptomatic relief of complaints like weakness giddiness, pain in legs, body ache, polyuria and pruritis. Syndrex manufactured by Plethico Laboratory contains extracts of germinated fenugreek seed. Fenugreek is used as an ingredient of traditional formulations over years. We are currently studying the mechanism of this antidiabetic drug using animal model on one hand and cultured islet cells on the other.

Thus many different plants have been used individually or in formulations for treatment of diabetes and its complications. One of the major problems with this herbal formulation is that the active ingredients are not well defined. It is important to know the active component and their molecular interaction, which will help to analyse therapeutic efficacy of the product and also to standardize the product. Efforts are now being made to investigate mechanism of action of some of these plants using model systems.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. J Clin Biochem Nutr. Published online Apr Thomas Paul A. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Sep 19; Accepted Dec 6. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Keywords: medicinal plant, India, antidiabetic, antioxidant, diabetes. Introduction In the last few years there has been an exponential growth in the field of herbal medicine and these drugs are gaining popularity both in developing and developed countries because of their natural origin and less side effects.

Diabetes and Significance Diabetes is a chronic disorder of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism characterized by increased fasting and post prandial blood sugar levels. Indian Medicinal Plants with Antidiabetic and Related Beneficial Effects There are many herbal remedies suggested for diabetes and diabetic complications. Dose dependent hypoglycemic activity [ 79 , 80 ] Ficus bengalenesis Bur Hypoglycemic, antioxidant [ 81 ] Gymnema sylvestre Gudmar or Merasingi Anti-hyperglycemic effect, hypolipidemic [ 82 , 83 ] Hemidesmus indicus Anantamul Anti snake venom activity, anti-inflammatory [ 84 ] Hibiscus rosa-sinesis Gudhal or Jasson Initiates insulin release from pancreatic beta cells [ 85 ] Ipomoea batatas Sakkargand Reduces insulin resistance [ 86 ] Momordica cymbalaria Kadavanchi Hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic [ 87 , 88 ] Murraya koenigii Curry patta Hypoglycemic, increases glycogenesis and decreases gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis [ 89 ] Musa sapientum Banana Antihyperglycemic, antioxidant [ 90 — 92 ].

Phaseolus vulgaris Hulga, white kidney bean Hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, inhibit alpha amylase activity, antioxidant. Open in a separate window. Acacia arabica: Babhul It is found all over India mainly in the wild habitat. Aegle marmelos: Bengal Quince, Bel or Bilva Administration of aqueous extract of leaves improves digestion and reduces blood sugar and urea, serum cholesterol in alloxanized rats as compared to control.

Allium cepa: onion Various ether soluble fractions as well as insoluble fractions of dried onion powder show anti-hyperglycemic activity in diabetic rabbits.

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Allium sativum: garlic This is a perennial herb cultivated throughout India. Aloe vera and Aloe barbadensis Aloe, a popular houseplant, has a long history as a multipurpose folk remedy. Azadirachta indica: Neem Hydroalcoholic extracts of this plant showed anti-hyperglycemic activity in streptozotocin treated rats and this effect is because of increase in glucose uptake and glycogen deposition in isolated rat hemidiaphragm [ 28 , 29 ].

Caesalpinia bonducella Caesalpinia bonducella is widely distributed throughout the coastal region of India and used ethnically by the tribal people of India for controlling blood sugar. Capparis decidua This is found throughout India, especially in dry areas.

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Coccinia indica Dried extracts of Coccinia indica C. Eugenia jambolana: Indian gooseberry, jamun In India decoction of kernels of Eugenia jambolana is used as household remedy for diabetes. Mangifera indica : Mango The leaves of this plant are used as an antidiabetic agent in Nigerian folk medicine, although when aqueous extract given orally did not alter blood glucose level in either normoglycemic or streptozotocin induced diabetic rats.

Momordica charantia: bitter gourd Momordica charantia is commonly used as an antidiabetic and antihyperglycemic agent in India as well as other Asian countries. Ocimum sanctum: holy basil It is commonly known as Tulsi. Phyllanthus amarus: bhuiawala It is a herb of height up to 60 cm, from family Euphorbiaceae. Pterocarpus marsupium: It is a deciduous moderate to large tree found in India mainly in hilly region. Trigonella foenum graecum: fenugreek It is found all over India and the fenugreek seeds are usually used as one of the major constituents of Indian spices.

Tinospora cordifolia: Guduchi It is a large, glabrous, deciduous climbing shrub belonging to the family Menispermaceae. References 1.

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